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‘We’re gonna end up scared to do anything’: A qualitative exploration of how client complaints are experienced by UK veterinary practitioners

J. Gibson, K. White, L. Mossop, C. Oxtoby and M. Brennan | Vet Record | June 2022
The aim of this qualitative study was to provide an insight into UK veterinary practitioners’ experiences of client complaints…

‘Care about my animal, know your stuff and take me seriously’: United Kingdom and Australian clients’ views on the capabilities most important in their veterinarians

K. Hughes, S.M. Rhind, L. Mossop, K. Cobb, E. Morley, M. Kerrin, C. Morton and M. Cake | Veterinary Record | September 2018
The aim of this study was to investigate client views on what they expect from veterinary surgeons, particularly what makes for a positive experience…