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Cat eating food from a bowl

Partial weight reduction protocols in cats lead to better weight outcomes, compared with complete protocols, in cats with obesity

German, A.J., Woods-Lee, G.R.T., Biourge, V. and Flanagan, J. | Frontiers in Veterinary Science | June 2023
The aim of this non-randomised observational cohort study was to compare outcomes in cats undergoing complete versus partial weight reduction protocols…

vet examining a dog

Evaluation of primary wound healing and potential complications after perioperative infiltration with lidocaine without adrenaline in surgical incisions in dogs and cats

Herlofson, E.A.G., Tavola, F., Engdahl, K.S. and Bergström, A.F. | Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica | June 2023
The aim of this randomised, double-blinded, placebo-controlled study was to evaluate the effect on primary wound healing of preoperative infiltration of local anaesthesia with lidocaine…

English Springer spaniel

Epidemiology of mammary tumours in bitches under veterinary care in the UK in 2016

Varney, D., O’Neill, D., O’Neill, M., Church, D., Stell, A., Beck, S., Smalley, M.J. and Brodbelt, D. | Veterinary Record | May 2023
The aim of this nested case-control study was to evaluate the epidemiology of mammary tumours in bitches attending primary care practice in the UK…

Vet examining cat teeth

Commonly diagnosed disorders in domestic cats in the UK and their associations with sex and age

O’Neill, D.G., Gunn-Moore, D., Sorrell, S., McAuslan, H., Church, D.B., Pegram, C. and Brodbelt, D.C. | Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery | February 2023
The aim of this retrospective cohort study was to report the prevalence of common disorders in cats under primary care in the UK over a one-year period, and to explore their associations with sex and age…

Vet examine dog abdomen

Postoperative complications and antibiotic use in dogs with pyometra: a retrospective review of 140 cases (2019)

Turkki, O.M., Sunesson, K.W., den Hertog, E. and Varjonen, K. | Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica | March 2023
The aim of this retrospective study was to investigate the prevalence of postoperative complications within 30 days following surgical treatment of pyometra in dogs and to assess the compliance of clinicians to the Swedish national antibiotic prescription guidelines…

Owner sitting next to dog

“Just old age” – a qualitative investigation of owner and veterinary professional experiences of and attitudes to ageing in dogs in the UK

Wallis, L.J., Radford, A.D., Belshaw, Z., Jackson, J., Kubinyi, E., German, A.J. and Westgarth, C. | Journal of Small Animal Practice | March 2023
The aim of this study was to use qualitative research methods to investigate owner and veterinary professional experiences and attitudes to ageing in dogs, including decisions around preventive health care, and understanding of healthy and pathological changes during ageing…

Kitten on weighing scale in veterinary clinic

Comparison of growth in neutered Domestic Shorthair kittens with growth in sexually-intact cats

Salt, C., Butterwick, R.F., Henzel, K.S. and German, A.J. | PLOS One | March 2023
This aim of this study was to compare the growth patterns of healthy kittens, neutered during growth, with growth standards created for sexually-intact kittens…

dogs lying in a field

Vasectomy and ovary-sparing spay in dogs: comparison of health and behavior outcomes with gonadectomized and sexually intact dogs

Zink, C., Delgado, M. M. and Stella, J. L. | Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association | January 2023
The aim of this online survey study was to compare the health and behaviour outcomes for dogs that underwent vasectomy, or ovary-sparing spay (hysterectomy) with sexually intact dogs or dogs that had undergone traditional castration or spay…

vet talking to dog owner

Broadening the veterinary consultation: Dog owners want to talk about more than physical health

Hale, H., Blackwell, E., Roberts, C., Roe, E. and Mullan, S. | Animals | January 2023
The aim of this mixed methods study was to investigate dogs owners’ experience and attitudes towards discussing topics relating to canine health and well-being with a veterinary professional, whether they had experienced the use of a formal assessment tool and if so whether they found the experience useful…

puppies feeding from mother

Applying clinical audit for quality improvement in canine dystocia cases seen at a UK primary-care emergency practice

Leicester, L, Reid, A, Gilbert, S, Marshall, R. and O’Neill, DG. | Veterinary Record | January 2023
The aim of this study was to report the opportunities and challenges associated with designing and implementing a clinical audit as part of a quality Improvement (QI) project in primary care emergency practice…