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Cat check up by veterinarian

Prevalence and clinical significance of heart murmurs detected on cardiac auscultation in 856 cats

L. Ferasin, H. Ferasin, A. Cala and N. Creelman | Veterinary Sciences | October 2022
The aim of this retrospective study was to identify the prevalence and clinical significance of heart murmurs detected during routine physical examinations in cats…

ACVIM consensus statement guidelines for the classification, diagnosis, and management of cardiomyopathies in cats

V. Luis Fuentes, J. Abbott, V. Chetboul, E. Cote, P.R. Fox, J. Häggström, M.D. Kittleson, K. Schober and J.A. Stern | Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine | May 2020
The aim of these consensus statement guidelines was to provide an updated classification of cardiomyopathies in cats based on echocardiographic phenotype and to provide recommendations for their diagnosis and management…