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Responsible use of antibiotics in veterinary practice

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Responsible use of antibiotics in veterinary practice

Published 29 April 2021 | updated 21 July 2023

This collection provides access to evidence and appropriate resources to support responsible antibiotic use. It is not intended to be a comprehensive review of the literature, but rather a selection of recent references to inform your decision making and discussions with clients.

  1. Introduction
  2. Antimicrobial resistance – a One Health problem
      1. Human health
      2. Environmental health
  3. Antibiotic usage in veterinary practice
  4. Antibiotic prescription – description and drivers
      1. Farm animal
      2. Companion animal
      3. Exotics
      4. Equine
  5. Owner attitudes to antimicrobial resistance, usage and stewardship
      1. Farmers
      2. Pet owners
  6. Responsible use of antibiotics
      1. Reducing antibiotic usage
      2. Antibiotic use guidelines
  7. Guidelines and recommendations
      1. Farm animal
          1. Cattle
          2. Sheep
          3. Pigs
          4. Poultry
          5. Fish
      2. Horses
      3. Companion animals

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