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Health and welfare of Brachycephalic dogs

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Health and welfare of Brachycephalic dogs

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Published 10 February 2023 | Updated 15 May 2024

The health and welfare of brachycephalic breeds is an ongoing cause for concern. Despite this, they continue to enjoy high popularity as pets, leading to increasing number of these animals being presented to veterinary practice. Their popularity is also compounding the issues, due to the increase in breeding to meet demand.

The first sections of this spotlight feature provide an introduction to the health status of brachycephalic dogs, providing links to published research on the prevalence of various disorders in the three main breeds (Pug, French bulldog and Bulldog) as well as some papers that provide comparisons to the prevalence of disorders in other dogs. This will be followed by a section which looks at research relating to understanding the appeal of brachycephalic dogs to their owners.

Although the primary focus relating to the health of brachycephalic dogs relates to brachycephalic airway disease, as a result of selection for the characteristic flat face, there are other issues that are prevalent in these animals which can impact on their health and welfare. Therefore, the following sections will provides link to current relevant evidence divided into sections relating to different body systems, before looking at the evidence relating to anaesthesia and caesarean section in these breeds.

While the emphasis on brachycephaly has been focused on dogs the final section will bring together the developing evidence of issues relating to brachycephaly in other species.

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