Efficacy and safety of enflicoxib for treatment of canine osteoarthritis

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Efficacy and safety of enflicoxib for treatment of canine osteoarthritis: A 6‐week randomised, controlled, blind, multicentre clinical trial.

Salichs, M. et al (2021) Efficacy and safety of enflicoxib for treatment of canine osteoarthritis: A 6‐week randomised, controlled, blind, multicentre clinical trial. Veterinary Record, p. e949. https://doi.org/10.1002/vetr.949

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The objective of this prospective randomised controlled trial was to confirm the safety and efficacy of enflicoxib for the treatment of naturally occurring osteoarthritis (OA) in dogs. The study, which was carried out at 28 veterinary practices located throughout Spain and France, was funded by Ecuphar, manufacturers of enflicoxib and two of the authors work for Ecuphar.

In veterinary practice we are often reliant on studies funded by pharmaceutical companies, especially when it comes to new products. While randomised controlled trials are considered the most appropriate study design for comparing treatments, it is still important to critically appraise the study to assess any potential bias and consider how appropriate the findings are to your own patients.

The  December 2021 edition of inFOCUS contains a summary of this paper.

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Working through this guide will help you pick out points that can help you assess the efficacy and safety of this product as well as help you build confidence in assessing  other papers reporting on efficacy and safety of veterinary medicines more widely.

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