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Remote consulting

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Remote consulting

Published 19 August 2020 | Updated 14 April 2021

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to many changes in veterinary practice, including the need to be able to provide veterinary services remotely. While the technology to provide remote consultations was already available prior to the pandemic, the provision of such services has been controversial.

However, the need for social distancing imposed by the government in response to the pandemic made it necessary for many practices to provide some level of remote consultation to their clients. This may include triage of cases to assess whether they need to be seen, as well as the management and monitoring of cases that might normally be seen at the surgery.

Despite the easing of restrictions and return to a more normal level of service, it is likely that remote consultations may still be needed to manage workflow, to provide veterinary care to the animals of owners who are self-isolating or shielding, or in the case of re-imposition of local or national restrictions.

While there is little published evidence on the safety and efficacy of remote consultation, this Spotlight feature highlights some published papers, which may provide useful points for consideration for those providing remote consultations.

Remote consultations

Published 19 August 2020

Using technology and apps to augment the consultation

Published 19 August 2020 | Updated 14 April 2021

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