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Arte Cell

Published 26 February 2024

Arte Cell includes chondrogenic induced equine allogeneic peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells and is indicated for the “Reduction of mild to moderate recurrent lameness associated with non-septic joint inflammation in horses”.

Veterinary Medicines Directorate (2023) Summary of Product Characteristics: Arte Cell Forte suspension for injection for horses. Available from: [Accessed 23 February 2024]

  • Broeckx, S.Y. et al. (2019) The use of equine chondrogenic‐induced mesenchymal stem cells as a treatment for osteoarthritis: A randomised, double‐blinded, placebo‐controlled proof‐of‐concept study. Equine Veterinary Journal, 51 (6), pp. 787-794.
  • Coomer, R.P. et al. (2024) Allogeneic chondrogenic‐induced mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of tarsometatarsal lameness in horses. Veterinary Surgery, 53 (1), pp. 175-183.

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