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Owner sitting next to dog

“Just old age” – a qualitative investigation of owner and veterinary professional experiences of and attitudes to ageing in dogs in the UK

Wallis, L.J., Radford, A.D., Belshaw, Z., Jackson, J., Kubinyi, E., German, A.J. and Westgarth, C. | Journal of Small Animal Practice | March 2023
The aim of this study was to use qualitative research methods to investigate owner and veterinary professional experiences and attitudes to ageing in dogs, including decisions around preventive health care, and understanding of healthy and pathological changes during ageing…

Ageing in cats: owner observations and clinical finding in 206 mature cats at enrolment to the Cat Prospective Ageing and Welfare Study

N. Dowgray, G. Pinchbeck, K. Eyre, V. Biourge, E. Comerford and A.J. German | Frontiers in Veterinary Science | April 2022
The aim of this study, funded by Royal Canin, was to gather standardised information through both owners and veterinary assessments to determine disease prevalence, behavioural changes, and changes in physical appearance in a group of mature cats….