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Dog urinate in the park

ACVIM consensus statement on diagnosis and management of urinary incontinence in dogs

Kendall, A., Byron, J.K., Westropp, J.L., Coates, J.R., Vaden, S., Adin, C., Oetelaar, G., Bartges, J.W., Foster, J.D., Adams, L.G., Olby, N. and Berent, A. | Journal of Veterinary Internal Medicine | March 2024
The aim of this consensus statement was to provide guidance on the diagnostic testing and management of urinary incontinence in male and female dogs…

Spaying and urinary incontinence in bitches under UK primary veterinary care: a case–control study

C. Pegram, D.G. O’Neill, D.B. Church, J. Hall, L. Owen and D.C. Brodbelt | Journal of Small Animal Practice | July 2019
The aim of this nested case-control study was to explore the associations between spaying and urinary incontinence (UI) in a primary veterinary care setting…

Cat and dog together

Management of urinary disease in cats and dogs

April 2018
The last In The Spotlight topic focused on the managment of chronic kidney disease in cats and dogs – this time, the Spotlight is on the management of other urinary diseases…