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Horse owners’ knowledge, and opinions on recognising colic in the horse

A. Bowden, J.H. Burford, M.L. Brennan, G.C.W. England and S.L. Freeman | Equine Veterinary Journal | August 2019
The aim of this cross-sectional study was to evaluate horse owners’ knowledge, understanding of and experience with equine colic and to describe the factors that affect their approach to a horse with clinical signs of abdominal pain…

Associations between neutering and early‐onset urinary incontinence in UK bitches under primary veterinary care

C. Pegram, D.C. Brodbelt, D.B. Church, J. Hall, L. Owen, Y.M. Chang and D.G. O’Neill | Journal of Small Animal Practice | December 2019
The aim of this retrospective cohort study was to explore the association between neuter status, age at neuter and early-onset urinary incontinence (UI)…

Spaying and urinary incontinence in bitches under UK primary veterinary care: a case–control study

C. Pegram, D.G. O’Neill, D.B. Church, J. Hall, L. Owen and D.C. Brodbelt | Journal of Small Animal Practice | July 2019
The aim of this nested case-control study was to explore the associations between spaying and urinary incontinence (UI) in a primary veterinary care setting…

Association of lameness and mastitis with return-to-service oestrus detection in the dairy cow

J. Remnant, M.J. Green, J. Huxley, J. Hirst-Beecham, R. Jones, G. Roberts and C.D. Hudson | Veterinary Record | October 2019
The aim of this observational study was to explore and quantify the impact of lameness and mastitis on return-to-service oestrus detection at individual cow level and to explore the impact of different ‘expected’ interval on any associations…

Behavioural differences in dogs with atopic dermatitis suggest stress could be a significant problem associated with chronic pruritus

N.D. Harvey, P.J. Craigon, S.C. Shaw, S.C. Blott and G.C.W. England | Animals | October 2019
The aim of this study was to establish whether, and how, dogs with Canine atopic dermatitis (cAD) would differ behaviourally, from dogs of the same breeds with no skin health conditions…

Brachycephalic anaesthesia, parts 1, 2 and 3

C. Scales and N.J. Clancy | Veterinary Nursing Journal | May and September 2019, January 2020
These review articles discuss Brachycephalic Airway Syndrome (BAS) and the specific considerations for preparation and monitoring of anaesthesia in brachycephalic dogs…