Veterinary care of rabbits: Miscellaneous – Dermatology

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Published 24 October 2023

  • White, S.D. (2023) Rabbit dermatology. Veterinary Clinics of North America: Exotic Animal Practice, 26 (2), pp. 347-357.
  • Hedley, J. (2018) Antibiotic usage in rabbits and rodents. In Practice, 40 (6), pp. 230-237.
  • D’Ovidio, D. and Santoro, D. (2023) Efficacy of a spot‐on combination of fluralaner plus moxidectin against naturally acquired Sarcoptes scabieiinfestation in 10 pet rabbits: Retrospective case series. Veterinary Dermatology, 34 (1), pp. 3-6.
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