Veterinary care of rabbits: miscellaneous – eyes / ophthalmology

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Eyes / ophthalmology

Published 24 October 2023 | Updated 1 December 2023

  • Oliveira, I.V. et al. (2023) Determination of intraocular pressure and Schirmer tear test and the comparison between the applanation tonometer (Tono‐Pen AVIA®) and the rebound tonometer (TonoVet Plus®) in mini lionhead rabbits. Veterinary Ophthalmology
  • Hiebert, K. et al. (2023) Subconjunctival enucleation with or without third eyelid removal may present a viable enucleation technique in rabbits: 18 cases (2014–2022). Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, 261 (9), pp. 1368-1373.
  • Corsi, F. et al. (2022) Clinical parameters obtained during tear film examination in domestic rabbits. BMC Veterinary Research, 18, no. 398.
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  • Hedley, J., Ede, V. and Dawson, C. (2022) Retrospective study identifying risk factors for dacryocystitis in pet rabbits. Veterinary Record, 191 (5), p.e1903.
  • Cinar, H. et al. (2023) Effects of gabapentin on intraocular pressure, tear production and horizontal pupil diameter in New Zealand White rabbits. Veterinary Record, e3558.

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Updated 15 May 2024

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