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Annual booster vaccination and the risk of equine influenza to Thoroughbred racehorses

S. Gildea, P. Lyons, R. Lyons, J. Gahan, M. Garvey and A. Cullinane | Equine Veterinary Journal | November 2019
The aim of this observational field study was to investigate the equine influenza (EI) outbreaks that occurred within a four-week period between December 2014 and January 2015 in four racing yards in Ireland…

Diagnosis and treatment of demodicosis in dogs and cats

R.S. Mueller, W. Rosenkrantz, E. Bensignor, J. Karaś‐Tęcza, T. Paterson and M.A. Shipstone | Veterinary Dermatology | January 2020
The aim of these consensus guidelines, produced by the World Association for Veterinary Dermatology (WAVD), is to provide recommendations on the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of demodicosis in dogs and cats…

Survival of bovine digital dermatitis treponemes on hoof knife blades and the effects of various disinfectants

A. Gillespie, S.D. Carter, R.W. Blowey and N. Evans | Veterinary Record | January 2020
The aim of this study, funded by BBRSC and AHDB Dairy, was first to test the survival times of treponemes on hoof knife blades under aerobic conditions, and secondly to test a range of common disinfectants at working concentrations for removing viable treponemes from hoof knife blades…

Female Vet Examining Dog In Surgery

Development of a clinical tool to aid endotracheal tube size selection in dogs

G. Haider, K. Lorinson, D. Lorinson and U. Auer | Veterinary Record | February 2020
The aim of this two-part study was: 1) to identify a phenotypic parameter which correlates with the inner tracheal diameter (ITD) in order to predict the best-fitting endotracheal tube size (ETS), and 2) to develop a chart to assist in ETS selection…

Scrubs contamination, domestic laundry effect and workwear habits of clinical staff at a referral hospital

P. Kokkinos, L. Morgan, K. Hughes, D. Pollard, J. Gasson and K. Bowlt‐Blacklock | Journal of Small Animal Practice | February 2020
This cross-sectional study aimed to document bacterial contamination levels on uniforms worn by veterinary staff after a clinical shift; to investigate the efficacy of home laundry on bacterial load, and to explore staff habits towards work uniform during and after a clinical shift…

Rabbits on a farm

Seasonality and risk factors for myxomatosis in pet rabbits in Great Britain

S. Farrell, P.J-M. Noble, G. L. Pinchbeck, B. Brant, A. Caravaggi, D.A. Singleton, A. D. Radford | Preventive Veterinary Medicine | March 2020
The aim of this study was to explore host, vaccine and seasonal factors affecting presumptive myxomatosis cases in a pet rabbit population, as seen in a network of veterinary practices from across Great Britain…