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Vet examining a horse

A novel tension relief technique to aid the primary closure of traumatic equine wounds under excessive tension

Comino, F., Pollock, P.J., Fulton, I., Hewitt-Dedman, C., Handel, I. and Gorvy, D.A. | Equine Veterinary Journal | August 2023
The aim of this retrospective case series was to describe the use of the Tension Tile System (TTS); a novel tension relief technique to help primary healing of a variety of equine wounds…

Dog being cooled down with water

Cooling methods used to manage heat-related illness in dogs presented to primary care veterinary practices during 2016–2018 in the UK

Hall, E.J.; Carter, A.J.; Bradbury, J.; Beard, S.; Gilbert, S.; Barfield, D. and O’Neill, D.G. | Veterinary Sciences | July 2023
The aim of this retrospective study was to describe the cooling methods used to manage dogs presented to UK primary care veterinary practices with a heat-related illness to provide a benchmark on current cooling method…

Dog in surgery

Comparison of 4 point-of-care techniques to detect correct positioning of nasogastric tubes in dogs (2020–2021)

Ramesh, M., Brooks, A.C., Thomovsky, E., Johnson, P., Fulkerson, C., Parnell, N. and Weng, H.-Y. | Journal of Emergency Medicine and Critical Care | August 2023
The aim of this prospective observational study was to determine the sensitivity and specificity of four point-of-care methods: air inflation of the stomach with auscultation for borborygmus, capnography, gastric fluid aspiration with pH measurement, and ultrasonography, to confirm correct nasogastric tube placement in dogs using 2-view thoracic radiographs as the reference standard…

Vet nurse measuring cat blood pressure

Understanding the barriers to blood pressure assessment in cats

Caney, S.M., Page, S. and Gunn-Moore, D.A. | Journal of Feline Medicine and Surgery | August 2023
The aims of this online questionnaire survey study were to determine current practices, including equipment used and protocols, and information on barriers to blood pressure assessment including whether these related to time, equipment, space or factors relating to either the owner or the cat…

Dog resting

COAST Development Group’s international consensus guidelines for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis

Cachon, T., Frykman, O., Innes, J.F., Lascelles, B.D.X., Okumura, M., Sousa, P., Staffieri, F., Steagall, P.V. and Van Ryssen, B. | Frontiers in Veterinary Science | August 2023
The aim of the COAST Development Group’s consensus guidelines for the treatment of canine osteoarthritis (OA) is to provide an evidence-based reference resource to support veterinary practitioners with the development of tailored OA management and treatment plans based on the OA stage of individual patients…