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3.a. Animal Welfare Assessment Grid

Published 31 August 2021 | Updated 15 May 2024

The Animal Welfare Assessment Grid (AWAG) was developed for monitoring the welfare and cumulative lifetime experience of primates in research institutions. It has been adapted for other species and a web-based software application has been designed for capturing, storing and visualising animal welfare assessment data.

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  • Animal Welfare Assessment Grid (AWAG) [N3CRs] [online] Available from: https://nc3rs.org.uk/crackit/animal-welfare-assessment-grid-awag [Accessed 19 August 2021]
  • Welcome to the AWAG system GitHub Wiki! [Public Health England] [online] Available from: https://github.com/PublicHealthEngland/animal-welfare-assessment-grid/wiki [Accessed 19 August 2021]
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